February 9, 2013
LA Font @ The Echo (2/9)


tumblr_mgc7rrckag1qbw73xo1_500I’ve had a longstanding love affair with LA Font. I own their album The American Leagues and the single Sharks in digital and vinyl form (because, you know, with some bands you just need both). I’ve interviewed them, seen them play, bought a t-shirt, all the things an unbiased rock journalist is not supposed to do. But fact is I can’t help it – these boys are one of the most original, unforgettable bands coming out of LA right now.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so: Noisey recently declared their undying love for the boys, saying, “We Love LA Font. If you don’t know them, you should reconsider a few things about your life, like whether or not you’re cool.”

(This, I might add, would make me cool. I know that flies in the face how you all see me – based on, like, everything I’ve ever written – but there it is. Recognize.)

LA Font recently finished recording their sophomore album, and the first single “Onshore” is the stuff indie rock dreams are made of. Obscure references to Costner and DiCaprio, wailing guitar melodies, and the kind of chorus you’ll want to sing at pedestrians when you drive down the street. And tomorrow night, the band will be playing “Onshore” and other tracks off the new album at the Echo Country Outpost in Los Angeles. It’s a show you simply need to see, so here’s the stuff you need to know:


Facebook event page here

Echo Country Outpost
1770 Glendale Blvd.,

Edendale, California 90026

ALL AGES, $1 tickets before 9pm ($5 after 9pm)

7pm – Jung Hollywood
9pm – TULIPS
9:30 – Michael Stock
10:30 – Luna is Honey
11:15 – LA Font
11:45 – Mahssa
12:45 – Ladyheat
1:15 – Dan Collins


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